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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Just read about how Anna Nicole Smith has died in her hotel room in Florida. Sort of a sad but fitting end for a woman who had so many problems.

I guess she made the best of what she had...huge boobs, a big ole' Texas-sized personality and lots of insecurities. Say what you will about her, she was a beautiful woman, crassness not withstanding.

But while she was alive I really resented how she used her sexuality and her "po' little me" personality to hook dirty old men and take them for all their money, her poor parenting abilities (or lack thereof) and her attempt to take shortcuts in life. Oh...and all of her drug and alcohol problems.

You'd look at her and just feel so sorry for her. She was a mess. And in being such a mess, she was a man magnet. Because so many men find helpless, weak, troubled women attractive. Many men love the idea of being a rescuer and give such a helping hand (and all of their available cash) to a woman who can appear helpless, weak and, yes, dimwitted. Anna Nicole had the act down pat. And for that, I will always dislike her.

But despite my dislike and disdain for her and her manipulations, I do feel sorry for her. She lost her son, had no self respect and was such a mess. Poor Anna Nicole Smith.


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