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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sally Lieber Should Be Spanked...

Anyone living in Sillycon Valley knows that it's the land of lawyers over here and tons and tons and tons of people are making zillions of dollars as lawyers in this area. Ms. Lieber is no exception.

But perhaps what people don't know is that California has a HUGE problem with it's prison overcrowding (70% above capacity is the last number I've heard thrown about) and Schwarzenegger is dealing with it by sending prisoners to other states. Not only that, California's foster system is absolutely horrible...with kids getting molested and abused in the system...compounding whatever they've gone through to get into the foster care system in the first place.

Okay, so who's responsible for cleaning up this mess? You guessed it, lawmakers like Sally Lieber. So, how does she and others like her get away with deflecting attention from their dismal efforts towards cleaning up and fixing California's crappy court, foster and prison system???

You Got It! It's absolutely brilliant...lawmakers like Ms. Lieber deflect attention by writing high profile laws directed towards a mostly law-abiding and therefore more easily enforced population; parents who, for the most part aren't in the system. It's called the "Spanking Bill" and Ms. Lieber wants to punish any parent who spanks a child...

Wow. You'd think, with all the controversy surrounding this bill, someone might point out to Ms. Lieber that, as a California lawmaker, she has some quasi-parental responsibilities to our foster care system and, since she is choosing to direct her efforts elsewhere, perhaps she needs to investigated for parental neglect.


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    By Blogger renwuying, at 9:31 AM  

  • As a former foster child and current child advocate,

    I agree with you that Ms. Lieber's efforts are misguided.

    Rather than adding to the overpopulated foster care system by trying micromanage parental discipline techniques, she should focus her efforts on more important issues.

    Such as:
    1.) Psychotropic drugging of foster children

    2.) Foster youth aging out of care, with no safety net, and ending up homeless

    3.) Poor screening of foster placements, leading to abuse and even murder of children

    4.) Emergency shelters that house juvenile delinquents with children who are victims of abuse - leading to revictimization

    California has more than enough challenges in the foster care system already.

    It troubles me that she has not investigated the situation enough to realize that:


    By Blogger Lisa, at 6:32 PM  

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