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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Television and My Fabu-tantastic Social Life

I think I am the only person in this state that doesn't own a flat screen t.v. Even the guys in the city-subsidized housing have a huge flat screen. But my 13 " tv is just fine and I know that, somewhere in the world, there are people who don't even have that. What do I need a huge television for? Yet, even though I'm happy with it, lots of people are upset with me for not blowing money I don't have on a tv that I don't need. Example:

Heidi, my neighbor, and I on our daily walk.

Heidi: I have to save money. We've spent everything and now Richard [her husband] says we can't buy anything or go anywhere for awhile.

Me: We should still do things though. I can't spend money either, seeing as I don't have a job. What can we do to still have fun, but not spend money?

Heidi: We can go to the park.

Me: That's great Heidi. You have a 2 year old. The park is probably pretty fun for you. It's not really my thing.

Heidi: So, what should we do?

Me: I know, we could have movie night, with popcorn and snacks and invite all of our friends over. It'll be fun, it'll be cheap. Plus I belong to Netflix so we can have a different movie each time we meet.

Heidi: Well, that's great Cece, but we're having movie night at my house. Your tv sucks.


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