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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

VD Celebrations

Yes, it's Valentine's Day...a holiday for couples and a nightmare for disgusted singles. So how to deal with this holiday/nightmare if you aren't one half of a cutesy, mushy lovey-dovey couple?

Well here's a couple of ideas...6 of them to keep you smiling on this dismal, hokey day...

1) Rent "Sleeping with the Enemy"-the movie about a woman trying to escape an abusive spouse. That's a great VD escape. You'll thank the stars that you aren't all coupled up...and think twice before you romanticize marriage.

2) Enjoy the sound of silence. That's right. Embrace the fact that no one is hogging the bed, telling you how to spend your hard-earned cash or nagging you to do what you have no interest in doing. Yes, being alone does have it's perks.

3) Consider buying a dog. Just so that you can take it out on long walks to crap on the cutesy-couples front lawn. They won't know you were the one leaving dog poop on their lawn...they aren't home-they're out for their 'romantic dinner'.

4) Go Gothic. Just for the day. It's your way of marking the holiday...all in black with a clip-on nose ring.

5) Buy a right hand ring for yourself. You know, a nice bit of jewelry preferably with a big expensive gem on it. You deserve it!

6) Turn off the phone. That way you won't be disappointed by the call that doesn't come. Oh! And don't answer the door either. That way you won't throw open the door expecting a dozen red roses only to find your irate neighbor on the other side of the door yelling about dog crap on his lawn.

Valentine's Day is just another day for merchandisers, florists, jewellers to try and get people to part with their money. Hold on to your hard earned cash and appreciate that you don't have anyone's expectations to manage. Valentine's Day sucks.

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