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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mr. Newsom's Nookie....

So, I have officially recovered from the cold/flu virus going around, and thanks to Gavin's antics am fully entertained. (recap: Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of San Francisco, was having an affair with the wife of his campaign manager and outed himself a few days ago).

So, who wouldn't have expected this? Doesn't Gavin have the look of a party boy?

What was so surprising was that he dis'ed his pal (by sleeping with the guy's wife).

When I was in college, I knew of these girls who would sleep with their friend's boyfriends/husbands - in fact, many times, they took it as a personal challenge to try and jump their best friend's guys. I had a 'friend' who wasn't much of a friend...and we all knew better than to keep her around our male friends.

But guys have this unwritten code. They somehow don't seem to 'do' their friend's wives or girlfriends. At least, it's much more rare than what women do.

But this 'affair' or whatever you want to call it, happened during Gavin's divorce to Kimberly Guilfoyle...I have to wonder--did she know he was a player? C'mon, she had to know she married someone who couldn't keep it in his pants. Was that the real reason for the divorce?

In any event, you have to feel for the campaign manager who was cheated on. What could he do but quit his job?

Maybe we'll find out that Gavin was also boinking the campaign manager! It is San Francisco, after all.


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