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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blogging About Babies...

My zillionth friend is pregnant and I find myself knitting baby hats and blankets for other peoples babies and I, myself, am going thru a mid-life crisis (yes, I lied, I actually am in my 40's but don't tell anyone).

You see, when a woman hits her forties, and really in her late thirties, she starts craving a baby. I do mean least that's how I've been feeling. And no amount of, "what are you crazy?" or "Yes! We ARE using birth control!" or "Retirement? Who wants to think about retirement when you can have another baby?" will deter those thoughts.

So, when almost all of my friends start calling or coming by with the exciting news of their pregnancies, I just want to cry.

To compound all of my baby woes, I recently was approached by another woman at work. "When's your due date?", she excitedly asked. I am not pregnant.

If you read my earlier blog, you know that last year, this time, in a 3-month-span, 3 people asked me if I was pregnant. One person (my manicurist) followed up with, "Oh Honey! You need to work out." And that was after I'd already given her a big tip (no, I haven't gone back to that nail salon and won't).

You see, I am not unattractive, I look like I'm in my early thirties, and I have that early 40's-start-of-a-belly thing going on if I don't stand straight. Which looks really bad when I wear certain clothes. At least that's how I'm rationalizing this onslaught of questions.

But wouldn't it be great if I could come back with, "Why, yes! I am pregnant! How did you know?" Of course that invites the comeback--"Well, it's not hard to guess, you look like you're 10 months along!"


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