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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

3 Alarm Chili

Just made the 3 Alarm Chili (three alarm chili) recipe that was included in the 6 week body makeover kit. You know, the program I'm on to get in shape, lose the belly, and look like my sexy twenty something self.

See, the thing is, I've been trying so hard to stick to this special diet that, when I woke up this morning, I figured I needed a little reward. And, since time with Big G is a priority right now, when she really wanted a delicious mexican breakfast at the restaurant down the street--the cheap one--hey, I was completely justified. And of course, I had to get my chorizo breakfast with refried beans, rice, flour tortillas and special salsa.

So, I filled up on breakfast so completely, that, really, I didn't need lunch. Well, okay, a small piece of carrot cake. It was just a small piece so it didn't really count. And, plus, if I don't eat it, who will? And it is sooo good.

And then, in the afternoon, well, there are only 2 chocolate vanilla ice cream cone drumsticks left. So, I had to eat one. After all, I've been so good this week, with curtailing my eating and shopping habits. And it's only one ice cream. Plus I went on a walk earlier today so I totally walked it off.

And I needed to down a couple of beers to make the chili go down. It was kind of hot chili, and beer just goes with chili. Really, you can't eat chili without having a beer. What's the point?

So, I guess my point is that I'm still on my special 6 week body makeover. It just might take 7 weeks, that's all.


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