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Friday, October 02, 2009


I'm watching the news on Channel 7 (abc news-local) and I've just heard that the SPCA is having layoffs in San Francisco.

Please, please, adopt those dogs! If you are ever considering a dog, please go to a shelter.

Seriously, I've adopted two dogs from shelters and they are so great!

And, please don't support the puppy mills.

Not JUST because puppy mills are evil and shelters are doing a wonderful job caring for dogs that people have tossed aside.

BUT, from a purely selfish standpoint, shelter dogs have better temperments, are healthier and usually are more socialized.

And I've seen some dogs from puppy mills (breeders).

They tend to be neurotic, inbred, nervous and shaky. Even the larger dogs.

Please! Adopt from the shelters!


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