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Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Nother Book Review

So, while I've been recovering from a) unemployment, b) depression, c) a lackluster social life d) swine flu e) a sinus infection and f) a lackluster love life...I've chosen to flavor said life with reading books....

The first book I attacked was...

"Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler.

I believe she appeared, years ago, in some show called "Girls Behaving Badly".

She's the East Coast version of Jenny McCarthy, having originated from New Jersey (God help her).

Somewhat funny, fairly gross, good looking and without a filter.

Her book wasn't bad.

I mean, I could've done without the midget chapter. It puts a new spin on prejudiced...or maybe just takes the old spin out for a new whirl...but in any case, I could identify with a few things Chelsea said in some of her chapters...namely...

1) the crazy ass men who somehow decide that us-women are dating them 'too seriously'! I mean, I, also, have the kind of family that Chelsea speaks of. Men of America, I don't introduce anyone I want to date seriously to my family! If you are introduced to my family, it's because I don't think you are marriage material and I want to scare you off! So get a clue!

2) I hate my sister too. 'Nuff said.

3) My dad wears his pants hanging down around his ass also. I think it's a generational thing and no, he is not a gangbanger.

4) Girls having parties to celebrate big bdays are best blown off...I've been to way too many depressing..."I just turned {30, 40, 50 u name it} and I'm alone and depressed so cheer me up" events and they are NO FUN. I definitely could relate to her Audrey chapter.

5) Why do men piss in their yards? I think they all do it. At least Chelsea points it out.

Anyway, this is, at times, a funny book. I'd read it again, but only if I could check it out from the library.


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