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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working Overseas

So, I'm considering taking a post overseas...or even in Canada or Mexico or something.

The pluses are;

1) Distance from...well, you know who you are
2) Out from under my mortgage (I'd sell or rent out the house)
3) A change of pace
4) Exposure to a different culture and new experiences
5) I'd feel like I was completely starting fresh

The negatives are;

1) Distance from Big G (but that could be a plus too)
2) I'd have a whole lot of coordinating to do
3) I'd have to really put together and market myself and I'm not feeling up to it
4) Trying to get back into the bay area, after leaving, is virtually impossible
5) I'd miss (some) of my friends but they all have lives and right now, I don't

Right now I'm looking at all the possibilities and this does seem possible...


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