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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Four Weeks and Counting

I just finished week four of the flu.

It's in my lungs now.

So, I have to I continue to try and fight it. I am starting to feel better.

Or, do I man up and go in to a doctor or free clinic?

If I go to my doctor, it will cost me at least $100, maybe more.

If I go to a free clinic, by the time some doctor or intern or nurse practitioner or student sees me, I'll probably have picked up something else from all the sickees in the waiting room and it'll take hours. And they'll probably just send me home.

'Course, I'll probably pick up something in the waiting room from my $100+ doctor visit too.

So, I guess I'll just hope that I don't have pneumonia and continue to stay home.

At this point, I think people have stopped believing me when I say I'm sick. I mean, c'mon, I'm starting on week 5, for heaven's sake!


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