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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today was the day for the Petco Halloween Party.

I was so excited. I had Big H in his a cute, cute pumpkin. Leelu was a cute.

Petrina called and asked if Nicolette (her dog) could accompany us, since I'd told her about the big party days ago and asked her to come.

"Of course!" I said. I asked her if she wanted me to bring a costume for Nicolette.

Err, okay, she said. She wasn't too thrilled about the extra dog costume I had as it was a...lobster. But it was cute, so she agreed.

We arrived at Petco. Big H and Leelu were thrilled. Their costumes were darling. They had fun sniffing around the store.

Petrina pulled out a costume she'd bought for Nicolette. A pumpkin, like Big H's. But Nicolette's pumpkin costume was too big and didn't really fit her well. Petrina didn't want the lobster costume, so I offered up Leelu's bandana and they took pictures.

As the hour passed, it was time for the costume contest. I found out later that there was a first prize ($10 gift card), 2nd prize ($5 gift card) and 3rd prize ($5 gift card). There were only 5 dogs participating in the contest. If I hadn't asked Petrina to come, there would've only been 4 dogs, ensuring that either Big H or Leelu would've won a gift card.

Two other dogs arrived just in time for the contest (we were there 45 minutes before them). One was clearly the winner. The owner had dressed up in an adorable witch costume, with a matching costume for her dog.

The girl with the witch costume and matching dog in costume clearly won (and should've won) first place. She won a $10 gift card and dog treats.

Petrina broke down and dressed Nicolette in the lobster costume, thereby sealing second place. She won a $5 gift card and dog treats.

It was between a labradoodle (in a pumpkin costume not half as cute as Big H) and Big H and Leelu. The owner of the labradoodle said she wasn't participating.

"Oh come on!" said the Petco salespeople. "We are entering you in the contest!"

The labradoodle won third place and a $5 gift card with dog treats.

The staff passed me dog treats and said that was that.

I smiled and said we were good sports and had fun.

But I'm disgusted. Would it have been too much to give us a $5 gift card too? I mean, I brought 2 dogs in costume and a friend, supplying her dog with a costume.

Petco, you blew it. I'm shopping at Petsmart from now on. And if I ever end up purchasing that $150 pet stroller I was thinking about getting, I'm not getting it from Petco, that's for sure!



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