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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

B of A. Again.

So, you may remember my post about Bank of America the other day. You know, where I express my surprise that BofA might be in a financially precarious situation...seeing as the bank can afford to hire doormen.

Well, now I have just read a story on Yahoo! about how BofA is going to charge annual fees to their credit card customers who don't carry balances and are in good standing.

Namely, me.

I'm pissed.

Not only am I supposed to carry the burden of the partying scumbags who bought into ARM's, but now, I'm supposed to bail out BofA because the bank has made a series of stupid-ass decisions.

Screw you BofA. I'm canceling my card. And I'm going to start consolidating my accounts and transfering my balances over to other banks. Bail yourself out a-holes.


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