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Thursday, October 15, 2009

H1N1 Part II

I scared.

On the heels of getting better (albeit slightly better, still hacking, coughing and totally exhausted), I just read about the damage that the Swine Flu can do to your lungs.

Yahoo! posted on article about it here.

So, from what I read, the only way lung damage can be detected is through a CT scan. Some of these scans, from what I've read, were done post-mortem!

In addition to having no medical insurance, which is stressing me out along with this prolonged unemployment, I now get to worry that untold damage is being done to my lungs...and, in the event that I survive this flu -it's week five, folks!- I get to worry about possibly fronting cash for medical care.

It's enough to make me sick. Or at least to make me take another hour long nap, which how I seem to be spending my days when not searching the Internet for more to worry about.


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