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Monday, October 05, 2009

Secrets of Life

So I think I've figured out, if not the Secrets of Life, the Secret of Recovering from Sickness and Job Loss.

You recover in increments. But you expect to recover in a big jolt.

So every morning I expect to wake up feeling completely healed. And I'm not. Just a little, wee bit better.

And every morning I log into my email expecting a job offer with a huge salary guarantee. And nothing. Not even a nibble. Not even an interview.

So I slowly start taking care of myself...I drink cups and cups of tea with ginger and honey and lemon. I sleep for hours and hours. I don't move off the couch except to take my babies on their walks.

I spend a small amount of time looking at job postings and decide to do informational interviewing instead of resume blasting.

I slowly, slowly declutter, when not adding to the clutter with Goodwill visits. I post to Freecycle in hopes of getting rid of junk, only to get no replies. I attempt to sell clothes on craigslist (which apparently everyone is doing) and I give clothes to a consignment store (not selling anything, although the consignment store is impressed with my good taste -& takes everything- which is no small feat in Sillycon Valley).

But most of all I try to heal. Slowly. In small increments. And I'm waiting for that big jolt of something special to move me into the big time. But I think the small increments might move you forward faster than waiting for that pie-in-the-sky lotto moment. But when the big step up happens, I'll be ready thanks to the small movements forward. Yeah.


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