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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Winding Down...

...and the job search is getting frenzied.

I've applied to all local districts, applied even to jobs in another state. Now, I'm trying to think outside the box.

Tutoring? Well, I lined up a job, just to have them cancel on me 2 days before it was supposed to happen.

Now I'm considering 'retraining' but have to think through asking the EDD for permission. And there's a chance I'd be denied, so I'm really thinking about a way to do it.

I'm thinking of cosmotology school, as an esthetecian. But it's at least $4,000 at the community college (probably more at a private school). And who knows how much at a private school. And it would take at least a year, at the end of which I'd have to cram for an exam.

But the end result could be a stress free, relaxing career, with the potential for travel. And my dog might be able to hang with me, if I found the right salon (he's little...I could put him in a back room and no one would know. plus he doesn't bark).

So, that's what I'm thinking now.


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