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Friday, July 27, 2007

Maxed Out

Just finished watching Maxed Out...a docudrama about the credit card companies, collection agencies and state of America's families.

It was so sad.

A boy and girl (in their early twenties) committed suicide over their debts. And this older woman in Half Moon Bay lost her house.

The documentary didn't even delve into subprime loans and foreclosures. It mainly described credit card debt.

Did you know that most American families are over $9,000 in debt? And they pay about $1,300 in interest payments a year?

And the politicians don't care about Americans...they care about the's like history has come full circle.

In early America (European Early America), people were thrown in jails until they rotted or paid their bills. I wouldn't be surprised if we come full circle in the next few decades!

But I sure as heck won't be taking out or using my credit cards anytime soon. Pay those debts off, baby, or capitalism owns you!


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