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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Haven't seen it, but everyone is talking about it.

My Mom thinks Michael Moore's movie came out (the timing) to support Ole' Hilary's campaign. Maybe so. I think that she's going to need more than his movie or her emasculated husband to get her campaign going.

But I do agree with the fact that health care stinks in the U.S. Especially since I'm shelling out $200 per month for a health care plan with a $1,500 deductable. That sucks. And my neighbors down the street, who don't speak English, never graduated from even elementary school...let alone high school...and sit on their porches making smarmy remarks to the 19 year old girl across the street instead of getting a job, they get all the health care they'd ever need, courtesy of my tax dollars. Yeah, so I get to pay for them but no one is paying for me.

And the people who are the most "liberal" and most vocal about protecting them and leaving our social system as it is, they are the ones bringing home huge salaries and living like pigs. It makes me sick to my stomach. So, I think Michael Moore has a point about the unbelievable unjustness of it all.


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