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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Harry Potter

I'm nominating myself for Mother of the Year.

I think I deserve it. Because I ferried kids and grandparents all around town Friday night/Saturday morning. All for Harry Potter.

First I picked up friends. In funky costumes. Spectators referred to the kids as "warlocks" but I think they just looked weird. On a side note, the outfits they wore were last year's Halloween costumes.

Then I picked up grandparents.

Then I scoped out parking spaces. In Downtown PA, where all the roads were blocked off and almost all parking spaces were taken.

Then I took numerous phone calls from a relative, I'll call her "Crazy Aunt" or C.A. C.A. called constantly and finally met up with all of us, the 2 kids in funky costumes, the grandparents and me. C.A. brought her quasi boyfriend (she claims he's just a friend but he brings her roses and she has his pictures up in her house) and his kid. We all went for pizza.

C.A. plied the grandparents with beer and then launched into her usual "I'm the best person in the world and all my siblings, but most especially my female siblings, are crud." After 40 years, I have no patience for the Crazy Aunt show. It's exhausting and I have no tolerance for all of her b.s.

So, I left said grandparents with CA and the beer (kids in costume had hauled ass to the Harry Potter brewhau).

I then spent the next 5 hours hanging out in the bookstore with costumed kids...drove grandparents home, hunted for parking (again), went back to the bookstore that was, by this time, crowded with thousands of people. At one point both the fire department and the police department had to show up to restore order.

It sucked.

Finally, at approx. 2 a.m. I found myself at home, having somehow managed to drag myself upright, drop one of the kids off at her house, and dazed and confused found myself in bed. At approx. 4 a.m., my kid came in and said she was scared and wanted to sleep in my bed. I let her.

I am Mother of the Year. It's Sunday night and I'm still recovering from the Harry Potter show.


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