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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time Management, Lohan and Homeowner Blues

When one is unemployed, time can drag. But I'm also finding that I still don't have enough time to get everything done. I want to organize the garage, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and install hardwood floors. I want to do multiple Goodwill runs, getting rid of everything we don't use.

Unfortunately, my time is spent mindlessly loading my resume up to websites, applying for jobs, forwarding resumes, answering emails from people wanting more info, and dreaming up ways to pay off the mortgage. Not to mention, trying to fix my computer.

Yet despite my running in circles, trying to get everything done, everyone seems to think I have hours to talk on the phone, hours to run errands for them, hours to entertain them, drive them around...and they get enraged when I don't drop everything I'm doing for them. It's galling.

But how can I complain about not having enough time, when I've had enough time to listen/read/websurf about the Lindsey Lohan saga. What I find so interesting about her (and others like her) is how misguided people are about people with potential. See, I don't think she has any more potential. There are tons of talented young girls out there with her talent, ready to step into her shoes. They aren't going to drink and drive or anything else. They'd love to have a chance to do what she does. Yet, so many talk show hosts, etc.,. think that "'s such a shame...she has so much talent...such a lovely young lady...etc.,." Our society tends to overlook the people with true potential, instead focusing on losers like Ms. Lohan. In fact, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, were all viewed by society (while they were young) as not having potential. Ha!

On another note, I'm really sick of this Homeowner situation. I'd prefer to have a house over a condo, keeping neighbors more at bay. They're annoying.

Well at least my neighbors aren't Ms. Lohan et al. I'd be afraid to pull out of my driveway.


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