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Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year, New Res...


I decided to reread my posts on my blog from the last couple of years. Because the alternative is cleaning my house or applying for yet another job. And rereading posts is slightly more appealing.

SO...I went to January 2007 and read about Sally Lieber (seriously, who is she? Does anyone really care anymore?).

THen I went on to read my Jan. 2008 postings. It's kinda hard to read with 2 dogs rough housing next you. If I was a better dogmomma, I'd make 'em stop. But they are so cute!

Anyway, Jan. 2008 lists my resolutions for the year. Some of which I fulfilled. I installed hardwood flooring. I went on a vacation.

But, the fact is, there was quite alot on the list that never materialized.

So...I"ve decided to redo my goes...

Resolutions for 2010;

1) Find enough income to pay the mortgage for this year and next.

2) Finish the kitchen. Put in a cabinet where just a hole exists and install shelving underneath the half cabinets lining the kitchen walls.

3) New carpet. Oh, yeah. This current carpet is gross.

4) Fix the upstairs bathroom. Scrape off the peeling paint on the ceiling and repaint. Spackle the holes in the walls and repaint. Adhere new tile on the floors.

5) Have another child. Or reconcile with the fact that you are not going to have another 'chile.

6) Take 6 vacations.

7) Start a couple businesses.

8) Buy property in the country.

9) Finish writing your book. And publish it.

10) Go back to Germany. And visit Paris and Spain. And Argentina.

11) Get your dual citizenship already, before it's too late. Or at least figure out if you can.

12) Keep your dogs happy. They deserve to be happy.

13) Buy a houseboat. And live on it a few months out of the year.

okay, I know these are weird resolutions. I don't care. They are my resolutions and I can put down whatever I want. If you don't like 'em, start your own blog and list your own resolutions.


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