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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrity Gossip

In an attempt to deflect my attention from my own family's issues, I prefer to scrutinize the lives of celebrities. Hell, it's entertaining, it makes me feel better about my own crappy problems and sometimes it's even a little humorous.

Take, for instance, Tiger Wood's recent follies. His sick, sullied personal life smells of a really bad "Girls Gone Wild" video that will be his own personal hell for a lifetime. I mean, what kind of person would want to have a family or even a relationship with him now? He's destined for the kind of woman who thinks dating, marrying or sleeping with a porn king is a whole lotta fun. And those women don't age well, my friend.

A friend emailed me this joke, "What is Tiger Woods new nickname?"
Answer: Cheetah

And now I find out that Susan Sarandon and Tom Robbins (Bull Durham) have split up. Apparently, it went down over the summer and they've been splitsville for quite awhile now.

Is true love forever a fantasy? I'm so disillusioned.


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