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Friday, January 08, 2010

It Was 2009

I've been struggling for my first 2010 post. I wanted to include pictures of everything from this past year.

But my card reader (for my digital camera) was missing. I tore the house apart looking for it for weeks. Finally I've realized either my exchange student took off with it (he borrowed it a few times) or something else happened to it (who knows? maybe it found it's way into one of the bags I've schlepped over to the Salvation Army as a donation).

I went to Target to buy a new card reader. They didn't seem to have any and the clerks either don't speak my language or don't understand what a card reader is...

So, FINALLY, I broke down and went to Walmart. Walmart, which just days ago (before Christmas) was teeming with merchandise, now has empty aisles. I know that people weren't buying all that crap, so now I wonder....but onto the card reader...Walmart actually had I can download...and here goes...


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