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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michael Pollan

If you remember, I reviewed one of Michael Pollan's books in an earlier post ("In Defense Of Food"). Now he's on the ABC morning show, Good Morning America, with another book.

His new book is called..."Food Rules: An Eaters Manual"

Accroding to his interview with George Stepanopholous (sp?), Pollan claims we all should;

1) Eat Your Colors....not artificial colors. Eat food of different colors so that you have variety in your diet.

2) Shop the periphery of the grocery store (do an end run, make a circle around the store) to avoid processed food. Fresh, real food is around the edges of the store.

3) It's not food if it comes through the window of your car. Duh!

4) You can only eat junk food if you make it yourself (it's a pain in the ass to make)

5) Treat treats as treats but it's okay to to splurge once in awhile (not all the time though)

All this seems pretty common sense to me. And, even though I do sometimes visit the middle of the grocery store, it's usually because I'm baking something and need vanilla or flour or some sort of ingredient. I prefer the edges of the store because those items taste better!

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