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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Piss Off Your Neighbor

On Monday, my neighbor Petrina showed up at my door with her dog.

Previously she had mentioned in passing that she was going out of town this week and stated (not asked, actually stated) that I would look after her dog, Muffy. I told her she needed a backup plan.

On Monday morning (8 a.m.) when she showed up, I had my two dogs on leash and was about to take them out for a walk.

"Oh, no worries, " she chirped, "Muffy has already gone potty, so she can just stay at your house while you go on your walk."

"When are you coming back?" I asked, pissed off that she was dumping her dog on me when she has a 26 year old son living with her perfectly capable of dog walking and feeding. When I suggested she have him look after the dog, she said he wasn't nice to her dog and it was too much to ask of him. He doesn't work and he doesn't pay her any rent. But he apparently is so busy being lazy that he can't take care of a dog.

She said she was coming back Friday evening. And that she talked to the neighbors on my other side and if I couldn't take care of Muffy, that I could drop the dog off with them.

"Fine." I said, obviously unhappy.


When I came back from my dog walk, I found that her dog had crapped all over my carpet. Obviously the dog was not walked and clearly had not gone potty. Pissed off I called her right away.

"Hellooo" she chirped when she answered her phone.

"Petrina, you did not walk your dog," I said. "Muffy has crapped all over my carpet. You cannot believe how much she's pooped. I don't think there's any way I can get it out of the carpet."

"Well, just shove her back into my house..." Petrina sputtered. "There's nothing I can do about it."

"Just leave her in your house? I thought that Gabriel (her son) can't handle a dog..." I said...

"Look, I can't do anything about this, I'm in line here at the airport and going on vacation." Petrina screamed at me. "Nothing I can do. Thanks for sharing."

And on that lovely note, Petrina hung up on me.

This is a true story and an actual conversation. Can you believe anyone would expect to speak that way and still have favors (for free) done for them? The only excuse I can possibly think of is that Petrina is currently popping prescription meds and clearly needs some mental help.

For the rest of the day (until the neighbors--Petrina's backup plan--came home from work), I slowly simmered.

Then, around 6 pm, I took Muffy to the neighbors. Who informed me that Petrina had asked them to help me, but that they weren't the back up plan.

Livid, I took Muffy, all of her accroutments, and stormed over to Petrina's house. After banging on the door, Gabriel (her 26 year old son) opened the door.

"I'm done." I said. "I can't do three dogs. Here's Muffy, she's yours to deal with now."

I handed over the dog, leash and turned my back and went back to my house. I have yet to see the dog, but I'm sure she's fine. My neighbor, however, is no longer my friend.


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