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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recent Purchases

While everyone under the sun is scrambling to buy a Kindle or ebook, I've scoured the Salvation Army for old books.

And I hit the motherlode!

I found "Little Women", hardback, copyright 1926 in good condition for $3.

A few of the other books I found (all were $3!!!)

  • "Leave Her to Heaven" by Ben Ames Williams (publisher; Houghton Mifflin), copyright MCMXLIV (I love how it says, Printed in the United States of America)
  • "Physical Education For Elementary Students" by Nelson and Van Hagen, copyright 1929. With pictures (they are hilarious) and in stellar condition. This is a good read.
And my personal favorite;

  • "Why I Quit Going to Church" by Rupert Hughes, 2 copyrights...Copyright 1924 by The Cosmopolitan Magazine Co., Inc and Copyright 1925 by Rupert Hughes. The book starts off by describing how Puritans and Pilgrims attempted to sell children into slavery for not going to church....haven't read the whole book so I don't know if the author mentions pedophiles. But whoever owned this book took notes! There are crib notes all along the sides of the book!


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