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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sway, etc.,.

I'm listening to both Dean Martin and the Pussycat Dolls. Both do a great rendition of "Sway".

And it's put me in a great mood, despite my impending return to work.

I've been scouring the news for lack of better things to do such as (oh I don't know...clean?). Two news stories stand out.

The first news story is about the difficulty in securing a home loan due to the Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae crisis. Even though housing prices are falling, no one can buy anything because it is so hard to qualify for a home loan. Which is kind of sad, because when I bought my place about 5 years ago, everyone qualified. No down payment? No problem! No job? No problem! Now you can have a down payment, a job, even good credit, and have difficulty getting a loan. It's so interesting how fast things change. Which can be good...because if things are capable of turning around quickly, it doesn't always mean bad things turn around quickly...good things can happen fast least that's how I choose to look at it.

The second news story that looked interesting to me was this tidbit that's been circulating on various news sites about how so many American women in their 40's are childless. It's sad, really. Because I think it speaks to the lack of support and opportunity for women who want to have children. I think we (women) have to make a choice; financial security and career success or children. Men never have had to make that choice. And the urge to have a child is something men will never understand or care to understand. I feel such sadness for the women in the position of wanting a child but not finding a mate or the opportunity to have a child. And I also feel a lot of anger over a society and culture that supports and encourages messed up people to procreate but does not make it economically possible or even socially acceptable for smart, responsible women to have children. I think what makes me especially sad and angry is that I've always wanted to have 2 other children, and in this culture it probably isn't going to happen.

Well, I can always just listen to Sway again!


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