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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Milpitas Festival

I went to the Milpitas Arts and Crafts Festival today with my friends Dee, Danielle and Laura.

It was pretty fun. The best part was the fact that it wasn't a mad mass of people. There really weren't that many people there and it had a nice neighborhood feel to it.

I had lumpia for $1 (it was good), Kettle Korn for $5, and a glass of wine for $5.

There was a fantastic jazz band, that I could've listened to all day. After that we danced to the "Hitmen" another band that played a wide range of music (from '70's to '80's to motown!).

And lots of people brought their dogs.

There was billiard hall next to the band stage. It was interesting because it was such an industrial area, and stuck right in the middle of it all was this billiard hall.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun...and, although I should've been working on trying to figure out a 2nd income or an action plan, I really enjoyed myself!


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