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Friday, July 25, 2008

At a Crossroads....

I went to a clothing store in San Jose that takes your old clothes and gives you cash or trade for them. It's called Crossroads.

First, don't use Yahoo Maps. They told me to turn the wrong way onto Stevens Creek Blvd. I should've used Mapquest. I love Mapquest. They never do me wrong. I'm going to just use Yahoo for email from now on.

So I brought in 3 HUGE bags (garbage bags full, spilling out with clothes) and some items draped over my arms. I brought in pairs and pairs of shoes, designer clothes, etc.,. Apparently most of the clothes were too conservative as the store was really going for the hoochie look (many of the clientele did look young, but there were some people my age in there too).

They took a see through yellow slip that I bought off of some old lady for .50 cents last summer. No, I'm not kidding. It was at a garage sale and she was on her way to the Old Folks Home and her kids were making her sell all of her stuff. So I took a few of her slips. One was bright yellow and I would never, ever wear it but I bought it anyway.

Crossroads also brought a stylin' pair of Nine West heels that I loved. They had an awesome floral pattern on them and were pointed. But they were too high for me. I can't go all day in 10" heels. These would've been too uncomfortable for me and I've had them for 2 years now and not worn them once.

Apparently they took something else also, but I don't know what it was. They had other people's bags of crap all interspersed with mine, so who knows what the hell it was. I didn't really care because I don't want anymore of the clothes. I have too many clothes and I need to really get rid of them.

So, 3 items later and I had to leave with all of my bags. I got $16 for the 2 items. Geez, I paid so much more for the shoes.

But guess what else I did? While I waited for them to dig through my pile of crap, I looked around. And found a pair of Abrocrombie and Fitch sweatpants ($9), a pair of jeans ($13) and a brown linen top I can wear to work (H&M, $9.50).


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