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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bernie Mac

In honor of Bernie Mac, who died at such a young age of 50 yesterday, I watched the movie, "Pride" today.

I can't believe Bernie Mac died.

I really liked him.

At first, when I used to watch his show, "The Bernie Mac Show", on channel 36, I couldn't understand him. But I kept watching, and eventually I started to understand how he talked. I think he had a speech impediment or something. He was so hard to understand.

But he was funny.

He also was kind.

I liked how he showed how sometimes the people who toed the line and were tied to the system might be right, but were invariable incredibly unkind. He showed, on his show, how to be compassionate and understanding, and a genuinely good parent.

I really liked him.

So today I watched the movie, "Pride". It was the story of Jim Ellis, a swim coach in Philly, who, during the horrible recession of the '70's (yes, those of us who were around then remember how bad it was) and the crap of the '60's, managed to come up with a great program for kids, coaching them to the National Swim Meet. Bernie Mac played the part of a janitor in the movie.

What got to me, when I watched the movie, was how Bernie Mac looked years older than he was. He does in his tv show also.

I think it's 'cuz he has a certain wisdom that only comes with age. When someone who is younger has it, it is striking.

Anyway, Bernie Mac you will be missed.


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