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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mama Mia!

Just saw it. The movie.

It was awesome!

I loved it! It was so funny! Who knew that Meryl Streep could play a funny role with such style?

And the Greek Isles. Ooooh. Yummy. I want to live there for a month.

Yes, that is one of my next goals. I am going to save up some cash--and take a month of next year and live on one of the Greek Isles.

I'll drink wine every night, go out on boats every day, swim in the ocean, draw, write, read, dance, and go on long walks.

I'll drink tea in the morning and sit out on a terrace, overlooking the ocean.

I'll paint my toenails and go shopping and bring my cameras.

I'll take tons of pictures to build up my portfolio and post them on a website and sell the prints.

I'll sing Karoake at night and learn new dance moves.

I'll listen to my iPod and take long naps in the afternoon.

I'll get a moped or an old jeep and drive all over the island.

I'll cook delicious fish dinners and have them with grappo.

I'll eat clams and shrimp and olives and feta cheese.

I'll do yoga on the beach and meditate and hike up the hills and go to new restaurants.

Yes, my next goal is to go to the Greek Isles and just enjoy myself! For a whole month.


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