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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love

So. In the midst of a weekend fest of procrastination, I put off any idea of working on actual work and, instead, bought the book, "Eat, Pray, Love". I'm only halfway through, in the middle of India right now. So, all I can review is the part of the trip that Elizabeth Gilbert was on in Italy.

Must. Go. To. Italy. Okay, so forget about going to Paris or France to stuff my face. Clearly, Italy is the place to go. And the history! If you've every learned of or taught 6th grade World History (The Romans, in particular), Rome is the place to be. And who could argue with Gilbert's plans to just eat, visit historical remnants, reminisce about past love affairs and spend the day being self-indulgent.

I want to go to Italy. To shop. To eat. To look at man-candy. And to be purely and utterly completely self absorbed, if only for a month. Although Gilbert went for a couple of months, I think I could be satisfied with a month of "me-time".

Now, I've finished her chapter(s) on Italy and am now in India, where Gilbert has a 'guru' and is trying to become spiritually self aware. I can understand how this could be eye-opening and transcendental for a somewhat self absorbed New Englander. But I'm a Californian. This smacks of a shady, Gimme-Your-Money-While-I-Make-You-Feel-Important, New-Age Fad. I'm in tune with my spirit, my God, myself, thank-you-very-much. I've had my fill of hippy-dippy, let's-express-our-feelings, lovey-dovey, hare krishna folk. And I don't know that someone dictating their religion, thoughts, meditation onto me is very welcome. So we'll see. I haven't finished this part of the book, but I'm feeling a little squeamish.

Anyhoo, I'm making sure to banish any potential for boredoom, by transitioning from this book to the "Brazen Careerist" - yet another East Coast book....and, yes, this author is a might self-important. She underestimates West Coast Intelligence and is very pompous. Other than that, the book is interesting and makes some valid points.

To make sure that I am absolutely NOT bored with any of these 2 books, I'm also toggling between the books and HGTV. I want to move to other parts of the country now and buy some property. HGTV makes buying property look fun!

So, yeah, that's my weekend in a nutshell. Back to reading, watching tv and eating. And, no, I do not have ADD.


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