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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Red Wine

How many darling kiddos came to my door for Halloween? In their cute costumes, admiring my decorations (a lighted ghost, flickering pumpkin and 2 scary signs)....

you got it...


No kids, not even my neighbor's kids, came to my door.

So, I spent Halloween eating all of the candy that I bought for the kids who never came to my door.

Have you ever had a snickers dinner? Well, I have. And it's delicious, if a little lonely.

Next year I'm going to supplement my snickers dinner with a bottle of red wine.

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  • I was lucky to have 2 or 3 groups of kids. I don't think kids go around like the used to. I ate all the candy but it took a couple of days. Next year I am going to buy less.

    By Blogger Digital Flower Pictures, at 7:35 PM  

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