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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holla for HSN....

Love HSN. I love Suzanne Sommers and all the clothes. Right now they're showing this poncho that's really cute.

I realize that the dingdong that I worked for last year (at the industry job, not the teaching job) would be just perfect for QVC or HSN. She loved, loved, loved to talk. And 'specially loved it when she was lying...and thought that she was sooo smart and cool 'cuz she thought no one knew that she was a liar..but we all knew she was was amusing...I'll call her Hillary...

Anyway, Hillary was this barely 5 foot woman...the ugliest person I've seen in a while. She had this craggy, unattractive, masculine face and no meat on her bones. I think she genuinely thought that anorexia was attractive.

But girl could talk. For hours. And hours. She could put spin on dogcrap and make it sound like a 4 star meal. And she had absolutely no compunction about lying...Not that I think that the QVC people or the HSN people are liars. But this Hillary girl could outalk them, I tell you.


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