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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shake It, Baby

We just had another earthquake, about 50 minutes ago (8:04 pm).

I was watching tv, websurfing and daydreaming, when-all of a sudden-there was shaking and the glasses in the cabinets started banging against each other.

I waited for the shaking and noise to stop, but instead it became louder and started shaking harder. So, I stood up, yelled for Big G and went and stood in the hallway/doorway. Big G refused to come downstairs, which was probably pretty smart of her.

The ground was rolling, sort of like the quake of '89, but not as bad. What scared me was that I could feel the foundation of the house sliding and walls were jerking back and forth.

For a moment I thought the place might come down on top of me. But I figured it was probably worse to run outside amongst the trees and power poles. So I stayed put.

The shaking started to get softer and then it stopped. I was relieved and stuck my head out my front door. All of my neighbors were gathered outside and one of them announced, "Well that deserves another glass of wine!"

I called my parents and told them what happened. Then I called Miss McGoo. She was on the freeway and never felt it. "I'm tired anyway and I'm going to bed so I just don't care." she said.

This quake was definitely not as intense or brutal as the '89 quake. It was a little fun and, hopefully, there will be no aftershocks.


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