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Saturday, September 29, 2007

40 Hours Isn't Enough...

...for my paycheck to stretch past immediate bills. And the funny thing is, I'm actually putting in, probably, 12-15 hours a day. But my paycheck doesn't reflect any extra hours. Straight salary will do that to you.

So, I need a 2nd job. I've been mulling this over in my head.

I thought about Freelance writing. Bought and checked out from the library a ton of books about making a career out of writing. But I haven't started writing any articles yet. And I haven't sent out any query letters. I don't have time.

Then I thought about setting up websites. But I need to target my websites, set up my back up hard drive and look at what stock photos I have and think about what photos I can take myself to replenish my stock photos.

So, then I thought about using my real estate license in some way. Still thinking about that one.

When I woke up to my messy house this Saturday, I thought about my second job. And I realized that I was actually doing laundry, cleaning the house and doing gardening in an attempt to avoid 1) working on my primary job...the workload is intense and 2) thinking about supplementing my paycheck.

So, to delay messy house clean up and other work, I decided to go shopping at Walmart (I know, I know, it's not pc to shop there...but, remember, I don't have a lot of discretionary funds and I can get supplies for my classroom without spending big bucks there). And while at Walmart, I met another teacher - I'll call her Lulu.

Lulu works in the district next to mine and supplements her income with spa parties. The way she described the parties sounded really fun...although it is a pyramid scheme, with the "Manager", or whatever the first recruit is called, making a commission off of anyone they recruit. I guess it's similar to a cult or Amway, but a lot more fun.

I'm actually considering it. It might be fun. And I could have a spa party. I guess I should start by cleaning my house. Can't have a spa party in a messy house.


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