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Thursday, September 27, 2007


So, at my new job, we meet every Wednesday at lunch for a prayer group. It's non-denominational and there's approximately 5-6 of us who show up.

And I've gone and joined a Barbara Sher Success Team on Wednesday nights as well.

So, today, Thursday, I was supposed to go to my Pilates class after work. My body decided that I needed sleep more. So I slept through the class.

At the Prayer Group this last Wednesday I spoke about the exhaustion I've been feeling;

Me: "I've been so tired lately, just exhausted, so I want to pray for rest."

Karen (Prayer Leader): "We have to talk with the Spirit of Christ and that means we speak of what we want, not what we don't want. Because we have to specific about what we need so that God can help us."

Karen (PL): "Satan tries to get us by having us talk of what we don't want. We should thank the Lord for his strength."

Me: "Okay. But I'm still tired."

I understand what Karen is saying. It's the same as what The Secret is all about...and what Jack Canfield talks about...So...

Thank you God for giving me strength and hope and courage. Amen.


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