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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Pink Suit

In honor of my fantastic social life (and being that this is a 3-day weekend with most attractive singles hitting their game) and my even-more-fabulous work life, I decided to watch the Apprentice again. Because, really, what else do I have to do?
Anyway, once again, I'd like to go on record as saying that I'd rather *win* the losing prize (another week of campouts) over the *winning* prize.
What, you ask, was the winning prize? Well, shock of all shocks, Hugh Hefner is actually a friend of The D's and the winning prize was trying NOT to sit down and catch an STD at the Hefner castle with a whole bunch of hoochie playboy bunnies and wannabe-Trump-future-4th-wives...Ewww, not my idea of a grand prize.
But I get ahead of myself. For truly, the best of part of this show was watching The D pretend not to be a homophobe as one of his male "apprentices" trotted down a runway (Claudia Shiffer watch out...this guy could be your next Project Runway designer) in a pink bathing suit...a tight pink bathing suit.
Again, let me go on record as saying, the grand prize stunk. I mean, in the real world, The D and his crew would get hit with a sexual harrassment lawsuit for making the *winning team* spend their evening with a bunch of half naked, pubescent girls at the Hefner Hostel.
And this time, the D's daughter, Ivanakanka, looked pretty good. She had on the corporate version of board shorts, all in black, and she was working it for a NewYork gal in L.A.
Geez, I've gotta get a life. Even camping out on the lawn of an L.A. mansion would be better than spending my evenings watching this show.


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