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Friday, January 12, 2007

Freezing Cold Friday

So, it's dropping well below freezing here and we may get snow. Now, that would be cool since I haven't seen snow here in years.

Our heating system either blows hot or doesn't exist. In fear of the impending coldness, I turned it on last night, only to wake up at some crazy hour to sweat pouring all over me because of the heat. So, I turned it off.

Now, I'm freezing again but don't want to pay for another sauna. What to do?

I have to go back in to a possible job to go over a contract and some other issues and I'm a little nervous. What if I don't get this job? If I don't, I'll be in deep **** and will have to start working at every little job like a crazy dervish. I don't want to thrash around in the job market again. I'd like to maintain a little focus, consolidate and reach out to a few well thought of ventures that don't detract or drain off my income.

In other words, writing, photography, business-ownership, clothes and accessory designing, etc.,. Along with a full time job that pays the rent. Oh! And I also want to pick up a few traning/instructional design positions on the side.

Well, my goals for this week are; 1) De-Clutter, 2) Lock in a job that covers rent and expenses and 3) Start a Business Plan for the above interests. And manage to keep my ass warm and not frozen solid to a chair.


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