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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, even though I was unemployed for a year, I kept my Netflix. I just cut down on the number of movies I could order...just one a month now (for $5.95).

I think that's fair, 'cuz I rarely have time to watch a movie now. But the shows I absolutely love are...Hung...Weeds and any English Mystery (Rosemary and Thyme, etc.etc). Oh! I also like the Lesbian shows, even though I'm not gay...there is a soap opera type show I absolutely adore (the L Word) with Jennifer Beals (or Jennifer Gray or something).

Hung is hilarious, somewhat realistic and dead on when it comes to describing teachers and their messed up lives. This Social Studies/Basketball Coach teacher winds up getting divorced and sharing custody of his two teenagers. His wife, Anne Heche (I know!), cheats on him and eventually marries this anal retentive doctor who is a much better fit for her (they are both a little repressed). The teacher has this wacky, hippy like girlfriend who fancies herself a pimp. Hilarious. I love this show.

And Weeds. What can I say? I think I just love watching shows that walk the edge of our society. That question or thwart our messed up society. That confront the hypocrisy of authority, what is so wrong with America and people who push the edge of the envelope when given no choice but to do so or curl up and die. And they choose not to curl up.

Right now I have checked out the D-List...with Kathy Griffins...I have had it checked out for months now but just haven't had time to watch it.


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