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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey America, there are no shortcuts.

At least, no long-term shortcuts.

For so long, America curried the favor of the overseas professional. Wooing them with better-than-they-could-get-at-home wages, benefits and work conditions, CEO's made millions on the back of the third-world professional poor. America's middle class was told to go suck it.

Those same CEO's screwed up companies, commanded mass layoffs and tallied up huge expense accounts, house loans and, probably, lots of therapy bills.

Wooing illegals to clean their houses and mow their lawns, now these same CEO's (ahem Meg Whitman, ahem), are realizing the long term consequences of their selfish lack of loyalty to America's citizens.

The newest Robber Barons are these disgusting CEO's---fired for dalliances (ahem, Mark Hurd, ahem) and still receiving million dollar severances, the rest of us watch with our jaws dropping.
At what point will these people look in the mirror and vomit at their own excesses.

Let them eat cake, indeed.


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