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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oakland Dog-shooters

Lest we forget the Oscar Grant fiasco, the Oakland PD has decided that shooting dogs and deer is easier and less litigious than shooting people...for now.

So the people of California are shelling out for Oakland PD dogtraining. Because the cops are going into peoples houses and killing their dogs. And they are so stupid (the cops, not the dogs), that the cops can't tell the difference between an aggressive dog and a dog defending her/his home. I know that the U.S. makes a point of intelligence testing cops so that the especially dumb ones get hired and people who have the intelligence to test the system don't, but those who are so dumb that they just wanna a shoot 'em up, bang bang, shouldn't be allowed to even think about considering a career in law enforcement.


I mean, doesn't Oakland have enough crackheads, druggies, car jackers and gangbangers for the cops to shoot up? Why do they have to practice on innocent dogs, Bart passengers and deer? Or were those people/animals just target practice 'cuz the cops want to get it right when they start aiming for the druggie gangsters?


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