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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Living Oprah

So I reviewed the 'Living Oprah' book by Robyn Okrant before I finished it and I feel bad.

I should've waited.

I should've actually read the whole book before reviewing.

Yes, it gets a little sappy in the middle. Yes, the author is a bit of a typical liberal with some loosey-goosey, 'I'll follow the team with no questions asked' mentality. And yes, I was tempted to put the book down and not pick it up after the Chapter in which she returns Oprah's gift. And, yes, I was a little put off by her adoration of all things Lauer and Vierra--who were clearly making fun of her and her obsession with all-things-Oprah.

But the author, Robyn Okrant, redeems herself in the last few chapters. Every chapter in her book is a month in the year of her life following Oprah. The last few chapters (after Chapter November) have a lot more self reflection and critical thinking. She admits to her chronic addiction to t.v. and really delves into Oprah's attraction and mindless fan base. She explains her fascination and attempts to balance Oprah's ability to touch middle America and identify with every woman. She details the disjointedness of Oprah's life to ours and compares it to the way we, Americans, consider Oprah our "Best Friend Forever".

So, I would like to have you disregard my below posting (the first review on Living Oprah) I completely understand why she returned the Kindle. It was actually a brilliant move.


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