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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snub of all Snubs

Have you ever turned down a gift?

Or, even worse, actually boxed up the gift and returned it?

To me, that is the height of rudeness.

Someone gives you a gift, something small or something grand, and you refuse it.

That is just plain rude.

But that's exactly what Robyn Okrant does in her novel, "Living Oprah". Her book describes a year out of her life, in which Robyn follows Oprah's advice to the letter.

When Oprah sends Robyn an Amazon Kindle, out of the goodness of her heart and because Oprah is a class act, Robyn actually boxes it back up and sends it back!!

How rude!!!!!

Now maybe Ms. Robyn feels that she won't be able to evaluate Oprah's advice effectiveness but I have two problems with that attitude;

1) Robyn, in her book and as she describes herself, is pretty much a kiss-ass. She doesn't want to piss anyone else and she looooves Oprah (oh and Matt Lauer also-gross). She pretty much thinks Oprah is a Saint and even her few criticisms of anything Oprah related is light and breezy.


2) Robyn doesn't have a lot of depth. Initially I thought she was great, being a yoga teacher, knitter and tea drinker, but I'm on Chapter "November" with no great insights from Robyn. She's following the advice but doesn't really understand it and seems a little superficial.

But would I recommend the book? Maybe. It's a light read. Not too heavy and a quick read. Maybe something to take to the beach and read with one eye on the kids. I had higher hopes for the book, but it's kind of funny how the author takes something kitschy and American (Oprah and the Oprah Show) and tries to make it into a dissertation and then a novel.

But I have only read up to Chapter November. I have to admit I was absolutely horrified and appalled when Robyn sent her gift back. She's either a serious researcher and author or she's not...and reading this book, I'd say she isn't, so has nothing to gain by returning a gift (that was given to her without any hidden intentions from what I could tell).

But would you ever return a gift? Isn't that the ultimate insult? What do you think?


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