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Friday, May 21, 2010

$24 Lunch

There are days I've experienced that are pretty awful.

Days that you actually celebrate when they end.

"Hey," you think, "I'm glad today's over. Won't have to experience that again."

Sometimes you have actual years or even decades that feel like that.

Sometimes you want to just reward yourself for surviving some hellish experience.

When I feel like that (and those experiences I thank God I can count on one hand), I go Old Port Lobster Shack.

For a $24 lunch.

Yes, a $24 lunch. That's how much a small, delicious lobster sandwich costs.

So I was shocked when I got an email from one of my meetup groups--the "Old Dive Bars and Cheat Eats" Meetup group suggesting that we all meetup at said place "Old Port Lobster Shack" in Redwood City.

It's not a place I visit all that often.


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