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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daniel Pink

So I started reading Daniel Pink's newest book, Drive.

It's all about motivation and human behavior and it also is about how we best learn, and how we are most productive.

I think every educator should be required to read it although Daniel Pink says that the truth about performance and motivation is most often found in the classroom. I think that once was true, but with the trend towards improving schools, the archaic business school ideas and models are becoming entrenched in classrooms. We're moving backwards, folks.

Pink thinks (hey that rhymes!) that intrinsic motivation is the most long lasting, fulfilling and best for society and the individual. He thinks extrinsic motivation (not the kind of work or what you produce but how much you are paid, for example) is best in the short term but burns people out and is actually demotivating.

I think I agree with him.

But after reading the first half of his book, I happened to look on They had a posting a couple of days ago from Daniel Pink's blog. It was his 7 rules of writing.

So, I am passing that wisdom onto you.


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