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Monday, March 29, 2010

50 Things Before I'm 50....

I've decided to compose a list of fifty things I want to do before I turn 50...OMG THAT'S IN LESS THAN FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!! WHEN DID I GET OLD!!!!AHHHHHHHH

Okay, calm it...I'm not fifty yet...I still have a few years to here's my list;

1) Publish a book. My Book.
2) Buy a house.
3) Live on a houseboat.
4) Buy a working, drivable pickup truck. Preferably an old, beat up one. 'Cuz those are the ones I like.
5) Grow a vegetable garden.
6) Start a Business
7) Visit Argentina
8) Go to Spain
9) Go to Paris
10) See Vietnam
11) Whiten my teeth
12) Get in Fantastic Yoga Shape, losing at least two dress sizes
13) Make $500,000 a year in annual income
14) Live out in the country..or buy a place in the country
15) Have another baby (is that physically possible?)
16) Take my dogs to Carmel and stay for a whole week
17) Visit Hawaii
18) Apply for Canadian citizenship
19) Visit Canada
20) Get a degree in Horticulture
21) Go on a cruise
22) Go skiing (never been)
23) Take a train across America
24) Payoff a mortgage, ensuring financial security
25) Buy some stocks and manage them
26) Go to Alaska
27) Visit New York City
28) Visit Ireland
29) Visit Scotland
30) Travel to Wales
31) Guest Host a TV show
32) Create a film
33) Open a store
34) Visit New Mexico
35) Investigate buying a boat (requires going out on one...YES!)
36) Maintain a lovely manicure and pedicure for a year
37) Start drawing and painting again
38) Clean out and declutter to the point that I can fit all that I own into one SUV (not including some of my furniture)
39) Complete and maintain an organized filing system
40) Learn to Dance
41) Take Voice Lessons and learn to sing
42) Make a Will
43) Take Big G on a European vacation
44) Write a Screenplay
okay, last five...I better make them good!
45) Resolve my commitment-phobic issues and decide if I want to remain single and happy or married and ?
46) Visit New Mexico
47) Own a horse
48) Have enough assets so that I will feel financially secure for the next fifty or more years
49) Buy a house in the country with 2 acres of land
50) Spend as much time with my dogs as physically possible


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