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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Day

I tried to work on the job search today.

But Symantec gave me such a hard time. My Norton virus program kept asking for a product key, kept telling me to update...somehow things were turned was so frustrating.

Even though I have over 160 days left of Symatec virus control, I went ahead and bought the Macafee virus protection and installed it. Much better, so far.

In honor of figuring this out, I rewarded myself with a trip to the San Carlos Thrift Center.

What a day! I found myself trying clothes on in the dressing room and the person before me left a pile of clothes...I was thrilled because 1) whoever she was, she was quite the fashionista, leaving a pile of designer duds and 2) they were all in my size! Even the shoes she left (which I bought, they were cute silver flats).

I ended up coming home with an Acrombie and Fitch cute little cotton crocheted top, a Free-the-people jacket, a Banana Republic jean skirt, an express little top (black, with little straps, very nice on). Oh! And a leopard print Chico's jacket (which looks very nice on the rack but is even nicer when I'm wearing it!), tons of Gap navy long sleeved tops and a Donna Karan dress. Oh! And I also bought Tomas earrings (sterling silver) for $3.

It was quite the celebration. Now I need to clear out my closet to make room for all my new duds.


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