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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook is baaa-ad.....

I'm hearing a lot about the problems Facebook is having with this virus that's going around...

Click on a friend's link to a video and rumor has it that your computer will be destroyed. The hard drive will sizzle and die. There may even be sound effects as all of your documents curl up and die. At least that's what a friend posted on my account...with hysteria running throughout her post.

Don't think I'll be using Facebook too much...

Sort of reminds me of the census.

Apparently there is this fake letter going out telling everyone that they will be breaking the law if they don't fill out this questionaire. The only problem....the questionairre is a fake and crooks are gathering info on the foolish people who answer this letter.

But the news anchor reporting the story says it's hard to tell the difference between the fake census and the real one. This is compounded by the fact that the government is sending out census workers this weekend to gather data and the news anchor said that you have to be really, really careful to whom you talk with. Don't answer your door to just anybody.

Just makes me want to take the doorbell off my door and pull the covers over my head.


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