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Sunday, November 08, 2009


So, I still have my swine flu, or sinus infection (as I like to call it) or lung infection (as it feels like) or WHATEVER the hell you want to call it.

Only my friends and family are super sick of hearing about it, seeing as I'm on month 3 of said virus.

"Stop complaining about it. You must like being sick because you're not going to the doctor," said Petrina.

I explained (again!) that I had no medical insurance.

"I guess I could show up at the emergency room and say I was Maria Lopez and just walked over the border.." I laughingly said to Petrina. Before hacking up more mucus than what was in my coffee cup.

"YES!" she exclaimed. "You must do that. Go and say you just came over the border and you need a doctor."

I tried explaining that I didn't think a sinus/lung infection was worth a stint in jail for fraud. Although a jail term would be better than death. Say, if I were suffering from a horrible cancer or something, I'd turn into Maria Lopez fast.

But it did get me thinking. How much better off I would be if I were illegal. I mean, what's the worst that the U.S. would do? They'd treat me for my sinus infection and then give me a free trip to Puerto Vallarta or something. But as a citizen...I'm fucked.

And not only that, my computer is suffering from a virus now also. Grrr.


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